Saturday, November 26, 2005

Bhappi Lahiri aspiring for a Kishore compilation CD and a Grammy

As I was reading Bhappi's wish list on his birthday published by Mid-day Online, I couldn't help sharing it with my readers. Bhappi still rocks, well so he thinks!

Wish List / Bappi Lahiri
If Bappi Lahiri were to sell all the gold he wears, we’re sure he’d make market prices fluctuate. Of course he’s more likely to be shopping then selling anything at the moment, because tomorrow is his birthday.
The year ahead is already looking bright for the never-say-die da, who has a TV show lined up with Channel [V] at the moment. Here’s what else he’d like this year:

1. A Grammy
2. A Blackberry mobile phone
3. For Whitney Houston to give him the green signal — he’s currently in negotiations to have her sing for him
4. A Rolls Royce
5. A compilation on CD of all the songs Kishore Kumar has sung in collaboration with him
6. Return tickets to Switzerland for him and the Mrs
7. For his son to have great success as a musician this year
8. Good health for his family
9. Appreciation for the music of Dev Anand’s film, Mr Prime Minister
10. An award for the background score of Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara

Friday, November 18, 2005

Kishore and the underworld?

The extradition of Abu Salem has brought tbe bollywood-underworld nexus back into the front pages of the mainstream media. So what has this got to do with Kishore Kumar? Absolutely nothing, just my restless mind trying to draw an hypothetical connection.

What would have Kishore Kumar done if Abu Salem called him up and demanded 70% of his earnings? Let's face it - Kishore Kumar was not amongst the generous of souls. He was in trouble for defaulting on income taxes for the longest period of time. He hated parting with his money. More than that, he hated being told. But then he wasn't the fearless of souls either - he was rather shy and reserved at heart.

He definitely defied Sanjay Gandhi's demand to come sing in Delhi, at a time when the nation was under emergency and the entire nation was hostage to Sanjay Gandhi's brigade. What would he have done if Dawood Ibrahim called him up and demanded Kishore sing at his daughter's wedding?

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Kishore and Dev Anand

Kishore or Rafi
Dev Anand speaks...
Kishore Kumar got his break as a playback singer for me in Ziddi, which his brother Ashok Kumar produced. And his voice suited mine. I particularly liked its resonance. But there was always this discussion over whom to choose — Rafi or Kishore — till we finally arrived at a rule of thumb: Rafi got the ghazals, and Kishore got the geets.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Kishore and the Emergency

Indra Gandhi, fearing her party might lose power in 1975, imposed a state of Internal Emergency. Opposition leaders were arrested and the press and media was censored. Her eldest son, Sanjay Gandhi, was running the country in his own barbaric style.

Kishore Kumar, then at the peak of his singing career, was requested (read ordered) by Sanjay Gandhi to entertain guests in a government "cause" in Delhi. Kishore, the man that he was, refused! He was not known to bow to the diktat of anyone.

As a retaliatory measure Kishore Kumar was banned on government media like All India Radio and Doordarshan from May 4, 1976. The government even tried to freeze the sale of his records.